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About us

Jaipur Search Engine a project of Tech-Soft, is a user friendly market search engine created specially for the easy use of our customers and users. Jaipur Search Engine allows easy interface between users and customers. The customer friendly search engine gives users necessary information about shops, products and markets in Jaipur at the click of a button.

Besides, providing information related to products and markets, Jaipur Search Engine give a variety of services to customers such as web page/website development and web support for the customers. Jaipur Search Engine  also allows the customer to put their advertisement on Jaipur Search Engine home page to boost their E-Commerce marketing at very nominal cost. At Jaipur Search Engine we understand the need of our customers and users using this site for various purpose. While designing we have taken every facet in consideration the users need and worked accordingly.

We hope that user have happy and easy browsing of Jaipur Search Engine which help them in all aspect of life. We Thanks everyone for making this market search engine a success. Kindly send your valuable suggestion to so that we can upgrade this market search engine for more user friendly features.